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Photo Ops

Get your commemorative 8x10 photo with your favorite guests printed out in minutes by the amazing Siryss Photography Studios! A digital copy is also included. *Purchasing a photo op ticket does not include admission to the event.

Photo Ops by Siryss Photography Information

The information contained within this page will help you make the most of your photo op experience. Please be sure to read the entire page, especially if you are unfamiliar with the photo op process or if you have not had photo ops with us in the past.

Purchasing a photo op ticket does not include admission to the event.

What a photo op is and what it isn’t.

A photo op is a photo taken with you and the celebrity guest or guests you have purchased a ticket for. The photo is taken under ideal lighting conditions and with a top-of-the-line DSLR camera. We then print a high-quality "8x10″ of the photo on professional dye-sublimation photo printers. Your photo is ready in around a minute after the photo has been taken with our “print it in a minute” technology.

To avoid confusion, a photo op is not a meet and greet. The process is very quick without time to converse with the guest or guests. It is a photo opportunity in the literal sense of the word. If you really would like a little time to converse with a celebrity guest, we would strongly suggest you opt for an autograph as typically the autograph is a somewhat slower moving process.

Purchasing photo op tickets at the event. If you would like to purchase any photo op tickets at the event, the sales desk is cash only. There is an ATM available in the lobby. 

If you have purchased a ticket online, you have a confirmed ticket. Your name will be on a list. You can always have a receipt ready too just to avoid any possible confusion.

How many fans can be in one photo with one ticket?
For each ticket purchased, you may have two adult fans and up to three children under 16. If you would like more than two adults in a photo, you must purchase an additional photo op ticket for every two adults.

Please arrive for your photo op 5-20 minutes prior to the photo op scheduled time, however, do not arrive more than 20 minutes prior. Arriving too early for your photo op causes problems and confusion! In most cases the optimal time to arrive at the queue is 5-10 minutes before photo op start time, however, do not arrive late!

Photo Op Booth
Prior to entering the photo op booth, please have your photo op ticket out and ready to be scanned. Have all backpacks, purses, jackets, lanyards, or any items you do not want in the photo off and ready to place in the bins, on the tables outside the booth. Any items you take into the photo op booth will need to remain in your hands during your photo. As you enter the booth you will need to turn in your checked-in card. You will then step up when you hear the “next” prompt to do so, you will also be given a “ready” before the photographer fires the shot. There will be a one-second pause between the “ready” prompt and the camera firing. So be sure to be ready.

Keep in mind, that the op booth is often loud. Many of the guests enjoy having music playing during their op, therefore our staff will also have to be loud. Please do not think that the staff is yelling at you, they are simply speaking loudly for you to be sure and hear them and understand what is going on. We want to try and get the best photo possible of you, we need to be sure you hear us and know what is going on.

Photo Op Booth Do’s and Don’ts

Do be respectful of the celebrity guests.
Do be respectful of other fans in line.
Do keep your hands above the waist.
Do listen for special instructions for each celebrity guest.
Do have your items ready to place on the table inside the booth.
Do have your ticket out and ready.


Don’t ask for autographs in the photo op booth, you will be asked to remove yourself from the booth. Wait in the autograph line and pay for the autograph like all the other fans had to.
Don’t take any personal photos on your phone, camera, or any other photo device.
Don’t take any video.
Don’t attempt to kiss the guest or ask the guest to kiss you. In lieu of the health and safety of the guests, this is strictly forbidden. You will be removed from the op booth without any photo or refund.
Don’t expect the guests to spend any more time with you than they have given to other fans. Everyone is allotted the same amount of time next to the guest, please don’t try to extend that time by ignoring staff, security, or the next fan in line. If you have an accessibility pass, you will be given extra time to get to the guest if needed but again allotted the same amount of time next to the guest.

Our photographers watch for blinks however, sometimes they are missed. If when you pick up your print and a blink is noticed, please let us know immediately to ensure the guest is still in the room and we will put you back in for a retake. Simply notify the staff or ambassador who handed you the photo.

Glasses more often than not will glare and/or make it very difficult for the photographer to see if you blinked. Please try to remove them if possible. If you cannot remove them please be sure to try and tilt the glasses down away from the lights. Retakes will not be given for glasses glare.

If you have a problem, other than glasses glare such as a colored blotch on your photo, a burry photo, a guest blink, or some other major issue please let us know immediately. Retakes may be issued on a per-case basis.

After your photo op
Simply follow the brightly colored tape stripe on the floor at the photo op booth exit. It will lead you to the print pickup area where your print will be handed to you in about a minute. Once you have your print, you do not need to proceed to any more lines at the print pickup area.

1. General Refunds. Refund requests must be submitted to our contact form by midnight Eastern time on the Wednesday prior to the event. We may not get back to you before midnight, however, if your request was submitted before the deadline, your refund will be granted. Refund requests after this date will not be honored. After midnight Eastern time on the Wednesday prior to the event, all photo op tickets are considered non-refundable, with the only exceptions being celebrity guest cancellations, convention cancellations, or photo op cancellations. Refunds are only to be returned to the original form of payment. If you use a prepaid card or gift card, be sure to keep this card in the event of a need for a refund.
1A. Guest Cancellations. In the event of a celebrity guest cancellation prior to midnight Eastern time on the Wednesday prior to the event, the guest’s photo op tickets will be refunded to the original form of payment, there is no need to email us regarding these cancellations. Refunds for celebrity guests who cancel after midnight Eastern time on the Wednesday prior to the event will be processed on the Tuesday following the event. If the guest was part of a duo photo op, the entire photo op will be refunded to the original form of payment.
If the guest was part of a trio or group, the photo op ticket may remain active and the photo op may still take place. If the trio or group remains active, you will be refunded the canceled guest’s portion of the trio or group to the original form of payment. In this case, you will also have the option to opt out of the trio or cast and receive a full refund to the original form of payment. If the trio or group is canceled due to a guest cancellation, you will be refunded the entire amount to the original form of payment.
There are no cash refunds or exchanges for canceled guests or photo ops. In the rare event a guest cancels, while the event is open and you paid cash for the photo op at the event, you must visit our sales desk for more information on how to obtain your refund.
1B. Convention Cancellation. Upon cancellation of an entire event, photo ops sold for that event will be fully refunded to the original form of payment.
1C. Photo Op Cancellations. In the event a specific photo op is canceled prior to or during the event, the photo op tickets for that specific photo op will be refunded to the original form of payment. If you paid cash for the photo op at the event, you must visit our sales desk for more information on how to obtain your refund.
1D. Other. In the event of a cancellation of one day of an event due to weather or natural disasters, unused tickets for that specific day will be refunded to the original form of payment. We may choose to allow fans who had a ticket for the day that was canceled to use their ticket on the day the event is open, however, this will not always be possible and will be handled on a per-case basis. If an event you are attending is closed for one day and you have tickets for that day, please be sure to watch your email used to purchase the tickets for updates.
Please keep in mind if the event is open, any ops missed are simply considered exactly that. If the weather outlook is not something you care to travel in, please be sure to get in your refund request prior to the refund deadline listed above.
2. If you miss your photo op time. Refunds will not be granted for missed photo ops. You may however exchange your photo op ticket for another available photo op ticket at photo op sales & redemption. We strongly suggest checking the photo op schedule for changes as the show date approaches and even the day of the show. We are not responsible for the length of time any photo op lasts as some photo ops only last a matter of minutes. This means if you arrive even two minutes after some photo ops start, you may miss the photo op.
3. Rights of service. Siryss Photography reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. We will attempt to help you with any photo op related problem you may have however abusive vulgar language and/or abusive attitude toward our staff, other fans, or ambassadors will absolutely not be tolerated and may result in your removal from the photo op area or even the event without refund or compensation.

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