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This festival is created by horror filmmakers for horror fans.


We hope to provide an educational and entertaining visual experience for the attendees of our Festival, which showcases and celebrates the diversity of the films.


We also hope to establish a forum, where novices and seasoned veterans alike can interact and learn from one another, as well as from our array of special celebrity guests and industry professionals with Q&As and panel discussions.

Our Awesome Vendors

Prescribed Films | Brooklyn Hayes - LMTMy Bleeding Ears | Bret & Tony w/Ash & Abe | MilKman Art | Mile High Makeup/CC Insane Productions | Alys Belyn Cosplay & Crafts | Hanging Chads Books | Fabrics & Fun | Kraft Shop | Ryan Alexander Dicks | Fabulosity Nails by Danette | Harley Ramsey | TDSdesigns | Macabre Motifs | Kreations By Kimmi | Cheap chills crafts and fx | Dusty's Creations | Rose the Goblin | Scare Shop Quad Cities | Ice Cream Sunday Podcast | Loch 22 Productions | Lyd Low Studios | Elm St Oddities & Collectibles | Eerie Offerings | Pampered Potions | Stacey Craig | Riley Heil Art | Ace of Swords Tarot | Coffin Crew Masks | Old Skool Video & Horror Posters | Atomic Cotton | Fierce Imagination/Blingin' B's Resin ArtJeff Lassiter | Corner Collectibles | SlashTracks | Autumn's Fantasy di Art | Third House Studio | Diane's Craft Bazaar | Spud's Emporium | Jar of Comics

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