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These are the films selected for the 2023 film festival!

Ancient Lore - 00:05:32 - Germany - Patrick Müller

Troubled waters and accursed thaumaturges: Lovecraft's haunting vision of the sea and the unfathomable mysteries that lie within its depths, but also the ancient lore hidden beneath the waters.


Attack of the 50 Foot Sphincter from Space - 00:13:20 - United States - Andrew J Chambers

A spoiled millionaire uses his private space program to claim a treasure from Mars that awakens a giant space monster. Now it's taking revenge on Earth. 

Attack of the Swole People - 00:14:00 - United States - Elijah Broughton

A government agent and her rookie partner race to stop a trio of gym bro extraterrestrials from murdering humans and pilfering their creatine supplies.


Baggage - 00:06:30 - United States - Paul South

A true homage to the 70's Italian giallo slasher genre. In this story, reality blurs as a flight attendant is haunted by personal anxieties. This movie was shot on 8mm film using equipment of the era to give it a vintage gritty feel.


Blood Lust - 00:21:53 - United States - Sean McCarthy

A lovestruck serial killer fangirl makes life for her sister an increasingly unsettling nightmare.


Crimson Charlotte - 00:07:22 - United States - Lewayne L. White

A hometown visit takes a dark turn after a visit to a cemetery to tempt fate with a dangerous dare.


Dark Side of the Moon - 00:08:03 - United States - Lincoln Reed

A lawman and a prisoner play a deadly game beneath a full moon.


Devil's Due - 00:16:10 - United States - Jacob Daniels

Devil's Due is a trio of short films telling the same story in three different genres. Abby arrives at a cemetery to mourn her lost love.  When the Devil arrives to make a deal with her Abby enters a world of darkness and fear. 


Do not close anything - 00:04:59 - France - Antonin DOMAGE

A woman gets an email that says: "Do not close anything." After she opens it, strange things start happening that slowly make her world darker. She faces a tough choice: run away from the unknown or dive into the scary situation to try and find out what's behind the message.


Exercised - 00:02:28 - United States - Garrett Johnson, Paranoid LA

A woman is unknowingly forced to exercise her demons.


Good Riddance - 00:09:19 - United States - Jake Roth

A twisted story of witchcraft & revenge. 


Greed & Gore - 00:15:00 - Canada - Adam Kirkey

Five criminals pick the wrong safe house to lay low after robbing a bank.

Hard As It Gets - 00:22:15 - United States - Darren Haskins

City Councilman, Ernie Torres surveys a neighborhood for votes and finds himself caught up in a handsy situation with a psychotic man with a thirst for corrupt individuals.


Heroine Overdose - 00:29:39 - United States - Stephen M. Kienzle

Alan Smythe makes a living writing and directing B-movies that depict women in exploitative and demeaning manners. It is not until he is delivered his own scripts and is thrust into a world turned 180 degrees, where women are dominant and men are pawns, does he learn that payback is really a bitch.


Hollowed Out- Des Moines 48 Hour Horror Film Project - 00:07:40 - United States - Lacy Williams

2 streamers to do something scary.


Inside Voices - 00:04:59 - United States - Angela Barnes

A sassy demon exposes the innermost fears of several everyday people while uncovering some demons of their own. This film was a product of a 10-hour film competition.


It's Not Weather - 00:01:58 - United States

The tornado warnings are blaring through the town - on TVs, cell phones, sirens... but Katy realizes very quickly that it isn't weather that she's being warned about.


Lux - 00:09:45 - United States - Kenneth Perkins

A flat tire leaves a newlywed couple stranded in a bizarre town plagued by a monster that has a light for a face.


No Grave For the Dead - 00:19:05 - United States - Jordan Selander

A loner hitches a ride with a construction worker. As a night of partying rages on, it's clear these two have secrets that are altruistically revealed.


Noman - 00:16:00 - United States - Matt Robb

To boost her online popularity, YouTuber Amber and her boyfriend Johnny set up an occult ritual for her upcoming livestream. Little did they know, supernatural forces are at play, leading to deadly results.


One Bad Apple - 00:15:53 - United States - Leif Gantvoort

It's the apocalypse. In order to survive...what do you grab? Who do you grab?


Pandora - 00:25:29 - United States - Stephen M. Kienzle

Angela Pandorus is a local news anchor with a skyrocketing career, that is, until she runs over a small child and in a panic, leaves the scene of the crime. The only evidence, the blood-stained Jack-In-The-Box the boy was carrying. Angela will soon learn that what goes around comes around and Karma, like herself, can be an unforgiving bitch. 


Pregnant? Scared? - 00:13:12 - United States - Elizabeth Katz

When a desperate young dancer confesses her desire for an abortion to a new friend, she must protect herself from the demon growing inside her and the curious group of women particularly invested in controlling her body.


Subliminal - 00:04:53 - United States - Tripp Ryan Hayes

Leah, an unsuspecting gamer, is taken hold by a subliminal hidden message in her video game. Is it true that games make children violent?


Sucks To Be Vegan - 00:12:40 - United States - Derek James Smith

A dark comedy about a young vegan woman who has been bitten by a vampire and now must find a way to feed.


The Blessing - 00:08:20 - United States - Cristobal Hernandez

After sensing a strange presence in their new home, a young couple asks their Priest to perform a blessing, but The Blessing turns out differently than they anticipated.


The Devil on Derby Street - 00:08:17 - United States - Luke St Germaine

Chelsea receives a nightmarish phone call and realizes her reality is not what it seems. *All visual effects are done practically and in-camera. 


The Man Who Has Eight - 00:26:38 - United States - Steven Shade

Blair Comfield is an arachnophobic who spends the night in the house of old lady Shelly who may be able to unlock her past. Tended to by a strange-looking servant, Blair finds her soul in danger and spends the night trying to escape the web of The Man Who Has Eight!


The Melting Hymn - 00:09:46 - United States - Bridgette Cannell

On the night of her 13th birthday, a girl is condemned to the attentions of an ancient evil after her rite of passage ceremony is disrupted.


The Night Jane Went Insane - 00:07:00 - United States - Zach Lorkiewicz

A lonely woman is communicated by forces of unknown origin. 


The Nightmare Adorable - 00:21:46 - United States - Joseph Scrimshaw

The hosts of a horror chat show celebrate their favorite fictional monster, Bapholeth, by selling a cute toy in his image--only to be attacked by a very real cultist offended by the adorable blasphemy. A horror film about how we love horror. 


The Pencil - 00:10:24 - Kazakhstan - Thomas Calvin Schultz

Sara, a struggling artist who discovers a unique pencil that can solve all her problems. But her dreams turn into a nightmare when a malevolent demonic creature from Kazakh legends gets unleashed. 


The Perfect Jump Scare - 00:16:00 - United States - Jacob Miller

A determined ghost lies in wait in his haunted house to claim his next victim with the perfect jump scare. But this new owner is something the entity has never encountered before…he's an idiot.


The Psychiatrist - 00:10:19 - Sweden - Christoffer Hammarlöf

A psychiatrist and her husband have invited their neighbors for dinner when she notices that someone is observing them from the outside. The others tell her that she's just imagining things because she's tired from working too much, but when the guests start to disappear that changes.


The Surrogate - 00:07:00 - United States - Erica Stockwell-Alpert

A woman makes a pact with Satan to bear his child, but when she is unable to get pregnant, they turn to the miracle of modern science for a little help


The Thing That Drifted Ashore - 00:18:50 - Mexico - José Luis Perpuli

What would you be willing to do for fifteen minutes of fame? This is the question at the heart of "The Thing That Drifted Ashore" a horror short film that explores our strange addiction to spectacle through the story of Martin, a young cinematographer in search of fame and glory, who joins a group of amateur filmmakers, who while shooting a short film in a remote Mexican beach make a spectacular discovery. Unfortunately, this brings out the worst in everyone, and soon Martin will find himself in a life or death situation from which he must escape.


The Tower - 00:22:03 - United States - Carrsan T. Morrissey

A seemingly harmless party game leads to a horrifying spiral into madness, violence, and cosmic horror. 


The Traveller - 00:11:00 - United Kingdom - Carter Ferguson

All salesman Elliot wants to do is get back to his family but on Christmas Eve an ancient evil has other plans.


The Tunnel: Interview With A Monster - 00:24:25 - United States - David Llauger Meiselman

Dr. Larry Levin, a convicted serial killer is brought to a black ops rendition site where he is to be "interviewed" by two government agents for his past crimes only to realize that some chupacabras have come to join them.


Three Baths - 00:07:04 - United States - Rafael De Leon Jr.

A spiritualist instructs Loreen to give her distraught younger sister, Rosa, three baths to get rid of a malevolent spirit that appears to be moving closer and closer to her.


To Witness Death - 00:07:45 - United States - Carrsan T. Morrissey

When a door-to-door salesperson becomes the prime suspect after witnessing a crime, the truth becomes murkier than anyone could have imagined.


Twas The Fright Before Christmas - 00:05:23 - United States - Izzy Sutton

It's after midnight on Christmas Eve, and Santa is busy delivering gifts to a home when a mysterious doll causes mischief.


Unrest In Peace - 00:12:45 - United States - Thomas Jiang

Dan and Ashley discover that their home is haunted by the ghost of Liz, Dan’s former girlfriend. Liz becomes determined to scare Ashley out of her relationship with Dan with a series of supernatural pranks. Ashley’s resolve will be tested as she must find a way to make peace with Liz before one of her pranks goes too far.


Unwelcome - 00:04:03 - United States - David Mair

While running from the police, a criminal seeks refuge by breaking into a home.  


Vended: Am I The Only One - 00:03:31 - United States - Kristian Day

Music video for the band Vended inspired by the film SKINAMARINK.


Veteran's Day - 00:29:31 - United States - Stephen Kienzle

Eric Keller, an abusive husband & father is about to get a taste of real combat as he is sent back to the jungles of Viet Nam in a "Dantes Inferno" like tale compliments of Corporal Lawrence Novotny. Keller will relive the horrors of war as he walks in the same shoes as the man, he turned into the draft board, over twenty years earlier. 


We Forgot About The Zombies - 00:03:43 - United States - Chris McInroy

Two dudes think they found the cure for zombie bites.


When The Clock Strikes - 00:12:00 - United States - Andrew Littlefield

When The Clock Strikes is a short film dark comedy that digs into dating apps and the peculiarity of people. Perplexed yet intrigued by her unusual home, Tim can’t figure out Veronica’s intentions with him. Who (or what) will make the next move?


Witches - 00:03:52 - United Kingdom - Gareth Hoole, Claire Baker

Million Pebble Beach is the "nom de guerre" of Portsmouth's solo artist, Claire Baker, who writes and performs cinematic, poetic, and original story songs on piano. Her song, "Witches" celebrates the dreamers, the thinkers, the healers, following their heart's desires, who continue to be persecuted as Witches to this day in some parts of the world. It was filmed by @Southseahoops, in and around Southsea and Eastney. 


You Stay - 00:07:05 - Canada - Andrew Cyr-Marcoux

Lucas and his family are moving out. While his mom is outside, his sister calls him because she is scared.

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